May 9, 2019

You call your consultant, or IT team member who is happy to oblige, and tah-dah! A shiny new report. Only later to find that your peer already has a report with the data you were looking for. Now you have two reports that do the same thing. Say hello to clutter.

You might not even know what SQL Server is, but if your I.T. network is larger than a couple of computers, chances are you have it.  SQL Server is a Database Management System, which means it hosts information like your clients, vendors, and other business data. Many a...

“The last happy day most businesses have is when they buy a new ERP [or CRM] system, it usually goes bad from there. “– A colleague in discussion about an unhappy client in 2016.

So, you spent a ton of money on a new ERP, CRM, or financial system.  Your vendor is ready...

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