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Businesses Beware! A hidden danger in your computer network – SQL Server

You might not even know what SQL Server is, but if your I.T. network is larger than a couple of computers, chances are you have it. SQL Server is a Database Management System, which means it hosts information like your clients, vendors, and other business data. Many applications including financial systems, customer relationship applications, Intranet sites, and backup systems use SQL Server to host their databases. It is a powerful and versatile systems that makes your programs able to store, retrieve and report on vital business information. For all the good, it can be a ticking time-bomb if not maintained. It is often installed with an application like a financial software or collaboration application. Your I.T. department may genuinely assume that the application vendor will maintain it. Guess what? The application vendor probably expects your I.T. department will maintain it. This is where things go wrong.

SQL systems could open your business to some real danger.

Why do you care? Because since 2015, 62% of all data cyber breaches targeted small/medium business data systems. The average cost to these victims was 38,000 U.S. Dollars. Hackers aren’t just looking for credit cards or bank information. To an experienced cybercriminal, access to your data is like printing money. I have personally seen several of these con-jobs called “Man-In-The-Middle” scams. This is where hackers use your data, such as customer and employee information, to pretend to be you. These hackers/criminals convince your customers to wire a payment to their bank accounts instead of yours. The scam is simple, but the criminals use sophisticated methods, assisted by access to your data, that make them appear legitimate. Companies don’t realize what is happening until the money is gone. Most companies who incur this scam never recover the funds.

What can you do? Make sure you have an I.T. employee or partner that is certified to maintain your SQL Server and work with your application vendors. A superior database-certified partner is going to ensure your servers are secured against data breaches. They will also optimize your databases, so they run at peak performance. The risks of data breaches are real but having the right people to maintain and support your systems can protect your business from serious financial loss.

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